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Monday, October 13, 2014

Let's Play Dragon Age: Origins for Free

What word that starts with the letter 'g', ending in the letter 's', and liked by everyone? Free, of course. Free games that is not often encountered, most generous publisher though most only give discounts. But giving away free game long enough run EA, and this time the phenomenal RPG title (in his time) can be enjoyed without paying.

On the House continue the program in Origin, Electronic Arts put one of the best role-playing game made ​​by BioWare to their list. Launched in 2009, Dragon Age: Origins gained much acclaim including dozens of Game of the Year awards from professional critics, and sold more than 3.2 million copies on the PC platform, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Maybe you've never tested or not at all familiar with the Dragon Age series. No problem, now is a good time to start. Apart from the spin-offs in mobile devices, the expansion pack and DLC, a new Dragon Age franchise has two main game. As the title of prime, many people argue that much more superior to Origins Dragon Age II, and they hope the Dragon Age: Inquisition was able to match the legendary title.

Before the film Game of Thrones popularize the theme of political intrigue, coups and violence in the Medieval fantasy world of Middle-earth a la JRR creations Tolkien, Dragon Age: Origins first present it digitally. Origins words in the title not only shows that he is the first game, but players can choose a character with six races and different backgrounds.

You can play the dwarf noble, under the care of a group of characters in witch, forest fairy, fairy town to get poor treatment of humans. The story of 'starters' are diverse, but each character will be drawn into a larger conflict with its own narasainya (City Elf and Human Noble has the most tragic story).

Through conversation option, you can form a suitable protagonist desire - evil or benevolent character. Just like an RPG, players will gather fellow companion. They have a complex personality and different interests, and at the end of the game, there will be one or two of these friends is a favorite companion. Creating interesting characters is the main skill BioWare.

To play Dragon Age: Origins for free, just visit the page On the House at Please click the button Get in Now in addition to the image of the game. Alternatively, log-in in the app launcher in Origin and directly access the home menu. Origins secure your coffee immediately before the date of October 15.
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Opera Mini browser Coming to the Samsung Galaxy Gear S

Opera Mini is previously widely used by smartphone users, the interesting part of this application is its ability to compress a web page so that in addition to offering a faster connection, and Internet data that will be cheaper.
Recently reported that Opera Mini will be present on device smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Gear S that runs on the Android platform Wear.

Although the smart watches Samsung Galaxy Gear S has had its own browser, but the presence of the Opera Mini browser will offer additional options for users of the Samsung smart watches when accessing web content on their wrist.

Moreover, because the smart watches Samsung Galaxy S has been crammed facilities Gear SIM card can access data independently.

Browser created by a software company based in Norway that has the Speed ​​Dial feature that displays the bookmarks page website in the form of large icons so this feature will make it easier for users of smart watches to access a website with just one touch of a finger.

In the future, most likely the Opera Mini browser will also be present for other smartwatch devices running the Android operating system by using the Wear, but as yet no details about the news. Opera Mini for Samsung Galaxy Gear S will be pre-loaded in a specific area and can be downloaded for free via the browser at for which has had S. Gear

Features of Opera Mini for smartwatch will certainly have the same features with the features of the smartphone version of the Opera Mini browser, including support JavaScript, storage favorite sites (bookmarks), previous history (history), user name and password reminders, personal link (private browsing ), and SmartPage features a screen that displays the latest updates from social media accounts owned by the user or the latest news updates that appear on one page.

Smartwatch device users will also be easier to operate the browser Opera Mini on their wrist because Opera Mini version of smartwatch applications will support gesture commands such as double-tap or 'mecubit' screen (pinch-to-zoom) to zoom in and zoom out of the page, or slide your finger left or right to move to a web page which has been opened.

Another interesting thing, the browser Opera Mini also offers offline reading feature, where users can read web content that has been stored without requiring longer data access.

Previously, the browser Opera Mini also has a presence in various kinds of mobile platforms like J2ME, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, iOS and Android. No wonder if the browser made ​​by Opera Software ASA is based in Norway is now available for the Android platform Wear, one of the platforms for wearable devices that will become more and more popular in the future.
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Opera Mini Have Thirty Million Active Users in Indonesia

Opera announced that its flagship mobile browser Opera Mini is used by more than thirty million users each month (monthly active users). That number puts Indonesia as the second largest user of Opera Mini in the world after India. A quarter of smartphone users, especially Android. This figure is up 2.5 times than last year.

We can not deny that despite technological trends have shifted to the adoption of smartphones, Opera Mini still get a place because of its compression technology. Opera Software CEO Lars Boilesen in a press release said, "The more the population of Indonesia is connected to the Internet through their devices, and we believe that the Opera Mini browser is the fastest and easiest to use are available in the market."

Opera findings stated that the average age of users of Opera Mini in Indonesia is 24 years, with 4 out of 10 users are still attending school or university. In addition, although still dominated by feature phone users, Opera Mini adoption of smartphones has remained in the realm of the fantastic.

There is a 154% increase for the use of smartphones, with the highest growth rate recorded by Android 156%, followed by iOS at 71%. Despite the popularity of BlackBerry continues to decline, it turns out the use of Opera Mini on this platform achieve increased 54% over the last year.

Furthermore, nearly half (exactly 42%) users of Opera Mini on Android using Samsung brand. Successive behind Samsung is Advan, Sony, Smartfren, and Evercoss with the cake that is not too far away.

For feature phone itself, which is actually still dominates, still dominated by Nokia phones. Opera itself has just cooperated with the Microsoft Mobile (formerly Nokia) to make Opera Mini as the default browser for non-Lumia range of phones.

Associated with the presidential election just passed, Opera notes that the statistics related to the content of law, government, and politics dominated the browser usage among consumers Opera Mini in Indonesia. There are 59% of active users are trying to achieve to date information in the segment.

As we suspected earlier, the news portal to get the blessing throughout the implementation of this democratic party. Opera mentioned five news portals that are most frequently accessed Seconds, Coverage 6, Compass, Tribune News, and Independence.

Tribune News Coverage 6 and obtain the greatest improvement from the previous year. On average, every Android users in Indonesia in 1225 opened the page using Opera Mini to access the information during the presidential election.

Seeing segment Opera Mini users, I wonder if they are targeting the entry-level smartphone users with a monthly expenditure for data packets is not too large. Opera Mini compression capabilities that claimed up to 90% will allow consumers to access more pages with data consumption more efficient.

To reach more Indonesian people join online, Opera Director Asia Growth Ivollex Hodiny mention there are three strategies they do to invite non-users.

The strategy is a special data packet Opera Mini is affordable with mobile operators, in collaboration with partners including the scheme pre-installed with local smartphone vendors, and the presence of community meetup. Opera even took Calvin Harris as Brand Ambassador, something which was first performed by Opera to promote their products in a country.
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Try to Compete with Google Glass, Toshiba Glass Come With New Display Technology

Augmented reality wearable device made ​​to modify the real world with digital content. With it, it opens new possibilities in the field of entertainment as well as overhaul the way we get information. Google Glass is currently the most promising device wearable AR, but the alternatives made ​​by Toshiba might be able to make consumers turn away.

In the event the annual Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies Japan, the company introduced a 3D TV ever 'glassesless' first in the world (RZ1) reveal a product in order to compete with Google's wearable AR Glass. The gadget was introduced with the name Toshiba Glass. Although essentially the same function, Toshiba brings a different approach to the display technology of augmented reality glasses another.

In Google Glass, there is an extra lens as a medium channeling object to the AR content that you see. Clear cube that serves to reflect the results of the projection so that the eyes can see. The concept is still held by Toshiba, but the execution is seamless. Instead of using an external lens, the reflector integrated into the lens of the glasses to the right.

That is, no additional lens that interfere with the user's view, and you are not the center of attention. When he switched off, it feels just like wearing regular glasses. When viewed more closely in a particular angle, it will look fine incisions in the lens to reflect projections. When turned on, you immediately see virtual images floating in front of the eye - such as Google Glass.

According to the tester, the result image is not as sharp as Thoshiba Glass competitor's product, and a new look up if you are in a dimly lit room. The producers still need to find a method that Toshiba Glass can deliver results on a picture perfect sunny conditions. But without the external reflector, Toshiba admirable achievement.

Toshiba Glass requires a constant connection to your smartphone. He has fewer features than the Google Glass because of the lack of a camera. Basically, this device only transmits the handset to view content. The biggest drawback is the lack of wireless connectivity - the smartphone and Toshiba Glass must be connected via a cable.

Interestingly, the cable connection is the solution to the problem battery performance wearable device from Toshiba. The reason, the built-in battery is claimed to make the Google Glass becomes heavy. Will be available three models of Toshiba Glass: standard, sporty and industrial (a la glasses lab). He promised present in the next year at a price much cheaper than the Google Glass - currently priced at $ 1,500.
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